Water Is . . . Basic

January 6, 2007 at 9:45 pm 3 comments

women in Sudan

One out of every four children in southern Sudan dies before the age of five; nearly half of those deaths are caused by water related diseases.
-US Agency for International Development

The confict in Darfur gets a lot of attention, and rightly so. It is an international crisis that needs an international solution. But the problems in Sudan are much deeper. The people there struggle not only with civil war, but 42% of them have no access to clean water and 36% have no toilets. Only one in five children live to the age of five.

The humanitarian situation in Sudan is desperate, and the group Water is Basic is trying to help. According to their website,

An average home in the west uses over 100 gallons of water each day. In contrast, an entire African family uses about five gallons of water each day. Just one flush of a toilet in the West uses more water than most Africans have to perform an entire day’s washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking. UNESCO has calculated that to ensure that basic human needs are met, each person needs access to five to 13 gallons of water free from harmful contaminants each and every day.

It is the mission of Water is Basic to drill a well in every village in Sudan, giving people access to this most basic of human rights. It is estimated that a well can be drilled for US$3500. It’s a small amount to transform lives. Once they have access to clean water children will live. Crops will be able to be grown. Time spent hauling dirty water can be spent getting an education. Access to clean water may have an impact on the war and instability that plague the country.

Donations made to Water Is Basic are tax-deductable and managed by the Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas. Irving Bible Church covers administrative costs so all money donated goes to drilling wells in Sudan.


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