Profile: Beit Dajan, West Bank

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“Water is like air to the people. It is the source of life.”

Sometimes it is politics, not nature, that deprives people of water. In the West Bank Palestinian villagers in Beit Dajan have no access to piped water. They rely on water brought in tankers, an expense that few can afford. Water is scarce and unsanitary. Many suffer from dehydration and water-born illnesses like cholera, hepatitis and dysentery. The need for an additional supply of water is so great that when the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees installed 100 cisterns in the area over 450 people applied to receive one. Many were denied, but for those who did receive a cistern it has made all the difference. According to Hamdiyya Afif Hanawi, “With our new cistern, I have enough water for my family, and for the few fruit trees in the garden. This year my lemon tree had fruit for the first time in 10 years.” An adequate supply of water and the opportunity to grow food is essential for survival in an area where water distribution among communities is unequal.

Source: Water Crisis in Beit Dajan and Beit Furik, Nablus District. (May 9, 2005). Palestine In Focus. Retrieved December 28, 2006 from In_Depth/PalestineInFocus/Thepeople/former/1967/WestBank/05.shtml


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