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“I spent my whole life carrying water in the drought season. If I counted the hours spent coming and going it would be days, weeks, and months of my life. Coming and going with a can of water in my arms, stealing my time, wasting my energy, my youth, breaking down many dreams, undermining our hope. But I never gave in.”

Josefa Cabral do Nascimento has spent her life searching for water. That search has finally ended. As part of the One Million Rural Cisterns Project, Josefa was the recipient of a cistern installed on the patio of her home in northern Brazil. When it rains water is channeled to the cistern half buried beside the house. Even in this semi-arid region enough water can be collected by the cistern to provide each family member with eight liters of water a day. More than 113,000 cisterns have been provided by the non profit Semi-Arid Network, benefiting rural families throughout the region.

Water supplied by cisterns has increased school attendance. Children are no longer required to walk long distances to find water as Josefa did. Diseases caused by contaminated water have decreased and the ability to water gardens has generated additional income. Each cistern costs less than US$600 to install, but to people like Josefa it is priceless.

Water cistern system changing lives in Brazil. (March 28, 2006). Spero News. Retrieved December 28, 2006 from


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